Fabulous Fifteen



My beautiful M14 has now become M15  as she has just celebrated her 15th birthday. I can’t believe that 15 years have gone by since the day she was born. I had such a great pregnancy with her – I felt wonderful and enjoyed my new shape. The first time she moved was something I will never forget. Hubby and I would spend ages looking at my tummy waiting for it to move.


I remember staring at her in wonder and awe when she was born – to me and hubby she was the most beautiful baby ever ( We consequently felt that way about each of our other children when they were born). Everyone loved her from Grandparents to great-grandparents.




She has been an absolute joy and blessing to us over the years. She has a strong character and personality and is a born leader. She loves to worship God and often will play her guitar or sing on the keyboard to worship songs. We are looking forward to seeing how God uses her increasingly over the years to come. She adores her baby brother A2 and is very protective of her other siblings. She is an avid reader and loses herself in books ( she has read over 35 this year). She loves chocolate (like her mother) and mashed potatoes. Her name means “Who is like God”, and our desire is that she will become more and more like Him everyday. I have made an album of her up to this day – we wish you a Happy Birthday and a blessed year to come – we love you, our precious daughter  – you are a blessing and a delight!!



 Here are some of her likes and dislikes:

Favourite Food: Pasta

Favourite Chocolate: All chocolate!!

Favourite Book: Anything with pages

Favourite Movie: Pride and Prejudice

Favourite Colour: Blue

Music she enjoys: Christian music

Her ideal day out: ice-skating and to the museum

Her biggest fear: spiders

Her greatest dislike: People who gossip about you while you are standing there.





She loves to live life and jumps into tasks with enthusiasm



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