My Journey Part 5

Hubby and I have seen God provide for us miraculously over the years. When we were first married, we had a non-existent budget. Hubby was still a student and I was a first year teacher earning a very small salary. Still, we wanted to be married  as we believed marriage is God’s design and plan for couples. So we often found ourselves short of money  at the end of a month.

 I remember that one Sunday in church we only had 10 Rand left and payday was over a week away. Clearly we couldn’t buy enough to feed us or even put enough petrol in the car to get us to work for the week. Hubby said to me, “Let’s put it in the offering bowl”. I have to confess that my first reaction was not a spiritual one – I said to him, “Are you mad!!! This is all we have left.” Then for some reason I realised the stupidity of that statement as it wasn’t enough to solve our problems and I realised that we would have to trust God to come through for us anyway.

So I grabbed the last 10 Rand and threw it into the bowl as it came by – I felt really good about it too – like I had burned our bridges and now we could only trust God to come through. Well, God certainly did. The next day I opened a letter that stated that too much money had been deducted for tax and inside was a cheque for the excess we had paid. Now you might think that is purely coincidence but actually I think it was God – timing. Sometimes our attitudes and our heart can be the catalyst to events in our lives. If I had begrudgingly given that money then I am not sure that we would have received that cheque, but then again God is so gracious and loving that He just blesses us even we we don’t deserve it.

We saw God provide for us in other ways too. Hubby felt a stirring to go on an outreach trip to Taiwan with the church, but we really had no money at all. I had just stopped work as I was about to have our first child and so our finances were tight. We decided to step out in faith and we put down a deposit for his airticket. As the due date to pay the rest drew closer and closer, we got more and more apprehensive, but God had a plan and a purpose for him to go on this trip. Out of the blue God provided the rest of the money for his ticket and so he was able to go. He left with enough money to pay his hotel bill and that was it – he was planning to fast on the trip as he had no money for food. Well God supplied all his needs on that trip, enough so that he could return home with gifts and money in his pocket.

That trip was a turning point in our lives and God knew that it would be so. Hubby came back with a burning passion in his heart for God’s kingdom. I could see the difference so much so that I declared, “You are never going on another trip without me!!!” It was at this time that God began to stir our hearts for another nation. We knew he was calling us to ministry.

Telling these stories are great because God always knows what we need and when the timing is right for it in our lives. It inspires me to trust Him always and to see Him as the provider in our lives. Last year was one of the most difficult times in our lives financially. We owed some money to the taxman and to top it all hubby was earning a third of what he should have been earning due to redtape in his job. While we waited for this to be sorted out, we regularly had to trust God to come through for us. There were days I would stand in front of an absolutely bare cupboard and cry out to God in desperation – I couldn’t have my kids hungry!! We saw God provide miraculously for us – there would be a food voucher for a local supermarket in our postbox that was anonymously dropped off, or boxes of groceries would just arrive at our door – somehow we were provided for and we survived 12 months of living this way. Truly we felt like the Israelites in the wilderness with God’s provision. It’s a tough place to be, but how you learn to trust and believe that all things are possible for our God!!


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