My Journey Part 3

I have been so enjoying blogging about my Christian journey because as I have been doing so, God has reminded me of the little blessings and testimonies of His goodness  that  I had forgotten about over time.

Before hubby and I were married, we belonged to homegroup in our church that was so exciting. We would get together early in the morning once a week to pray and we believed that God would move in power in our little group. The couple that led our group are wonderful people and we are still  great friends with them today. In fact, they were the people who opened the door of destiny to us and encouraged us to walk through, so we will always be grateful to them for their direction.

One evening at homegroup we had a young girl visiting. All was going well as we began singing and worshipping God, and then, literally hell broke loose. This young girl began to behave in a most strange manner. She began to distract everyone around her and seek attention. To my shock when she spoke a deep male voice came out of her throat and said, ” You will never have her – she’s mine.”  This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to us – I had never seen demonic manifestation  before. We began to pray and intercede and worship and as she was a distraction the leader and hubby took her to a room to deliver her from this demon. As they commanded this stubborn demon to flee she began writhing around on the floor like a snake and making strange noises. This continued for what seemed like an age – fluctuating between her being calm and deranged. Eventually the guys thought she had been delivered and brought her out of the room. I remember getting chills when she looked at us and said, “the victory is mine” in that male voice again. We tried to restrain her from leaving but she had a supernatural strength that made our eyes boggle. She picked up one of the men who was blocking the doorway like he was a rag doll and ran out.

Although we were rather unsuccessful at our first deliverance, it opened our eyes to the reality of the supernatural realm and made us aware that we are indeed fighting a battle against demonic forces. Anyone who says that demons don’t exist have clearly never encountered one!! This sparked a greater hunger in all of us for more of God – after all if there was demonic activity in certain people, then there was surely God encounters for those who loved God and we wanted to be a part of that.

I remember reading Frank Peretti’s books called  “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing The Darkness”. They opened my eyes again to what goes on in the spiritual realm – things we don’t even see or imagine and they make for exciting reading.


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