My Journey Part 2

Have you ever  woken up and the day looked brighter and everything seemed more positive. Well that is what happened to me when I gave my life to Jesus. I knew that I would face trials and hard times, because Jesus never promised us that all our problems would end when we come to know Him, but he does promise to be with us and that we will have the power to overcome them. I loved learning as much as I could about Him and being part of a very lively church was very important to me.

We did crazy things when we were at college just because we loved Jesus. We would head out into Pinetown on a Saturday  night and stand on the streets, even going into the unsafe taxi ranks to share the gospel of Jesus. We would wait outside the bars and movies and tell people about Jesus when they came out. We were a zealous bunch and looking back I think we allowed ourselves to become tame as we “matured” as Christians. How I want that back again and God is stirring our hearts to get back to that place again. Sometimes we would take the leftover hotdogs from lunch at college and head out to the streets where poor street children would be and we would feed them physically while sharing God’s love. It was one of the best times of my christian walk.

One of my most wonderful days was my wedding day – I was marrying the man I loved and it was to be in the presence of the one I loved most of all – Jesus! I won’t go into too many details as I plan to do an anniversary blog in June, but having Jesus present at our wedding was important to both of us – to us it wasn’t just a ceremony that people go through – we were making a covenant to one another before God and to us that was serious – a covenant that cannot be broken except by death. Our first few years of marriage were glorious although we struggled financially. Whenever we felt we were getting on our feet something would break down (usually our car!!). I realise now that as our faith increases and we step out and overcome hurdles, so the challenges get more challenging. Quickly I learned that God is more concerned about our character than our gifting and anointing. Just like a true parent, you want your kids to turn out with real character and integrity as they grow – and God wants us to have His nature and character. We dedicated ourselves to being in the life of the church and slowly we began to lead a home group and then to start a  homegroup by following up the visitors and inviting them around. I remember visiting a couple who had been to our church once. As we knocked on the door a very gruff man came out and said to us, ” you’re not going to convert me!” . “We haven’t come to convert you”, was our reply, ” we’ve just come for a cup of coffee”.  As we began to spend time with them in friendship he began to open his heart and eventually he received Jesus into his life. We were thrilled to be able to baptise him and see him grow in the Lord over the next few years. When we heard that he had died a few years ago we were sad, but rejoiced that he was in a glorious place with Jesus. God was taking just an ordinary couple who loved Him ( because that’s all we are), and using us in extraordinary ways, but more about that next time….


Knowing your life has a purpose and that you are here for a reason makes all the difference to living ….. an adventure with the Creator of all is the best adventure you will ever have … seek Him today!!


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