My Journey Part 1

My journey with Jesus began when I was 13 years old. I had always been to Sunday School since I was little as Mom always took us kids to church. I confess that I loathed Sunday School and found it exceptionally boring as a child. But something changed when my older sister joined a new church and was radically changed. When we visited the church, I knew there was something different about these believers – they loved church, God and there was life and passion. Worship became something I loved – no more singing the odd hymn between a few boring words. Getting lost in His love and expressing love to Him was a wonderful thing. And so I gave my life to Jesus. I could feel a change in my heart – something significant had happened to me and I knew I would never be the same again. I can’t say that I remained faithful in all that time, as I would lose focus and direction every now and again in my teenage years, but somehow I never doubted that He loved me, protected me and had a plan for me.

In my second year of teacher training college I went to a crusade being held at our college. I had  declined going to all the meetings during the first part of the week as I knew I would feel convicted to right my life and I was afraid. Eventually I heard that a young man I was really attracted to, had gotten radically saved out of the bar the previous evening, A man called Rob Rufus preached powerfully and challenged all the beer drinkers in the bar to come to Jesus. At the risk of being ridiculed by all his mates, this young man set down his beer and said,”I am going to give my life to Jesus.”  That takes courage and a conviction in your heart to step out like that. So, I agreed to go to the meeting. God doesn’t care about our motives sometimes, He will use them to change us if He chooses to. Well I did make right with God that evening and vowed to give my life to serving Him wholeheartedly. That attractive young man is now my husband of almost 20 years (and he is still very attractive) and we have had adventure after adventure serving Him, but more about that another time….

Jesus loves all of us – He has no favourites – ask Him to reveal Himself to you today!!


2 thoughts on “My Journey Part 1

  1. Julie

    Awesome testimony! It’s so funny because I’ve hear Rob Rufus preach and talk about going into the bar I think! It may be the same one! Anyway, God bless you and your husband.

    1. 4maze Post author

      Thanks Julie,
      Yes it probably was the same bar – we were blessed to be in Rob’s church for a season.


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