The Gardening Gal

Z9’s seeds have grown despite the time of the season, but they are starting to look a bit colourless and sad, so I think they may be about to die. Anyway, she has decided that they are big enough to plant into the garden – she dug out a patch of garden to plant her seeds as you can see in the photos below. No – no one has died in the family and we haven’t buried a pet – it is just her garden that looks remarkably like a grave at the moment. Hubby decided he better move the compost bin over a bit otherwise it  would definitely look like a tombstone.  She had a great time planting her few seeds and even if they don’t grow now, she has enjoyed the experience. I am planning to keep her motivated by getting her to plant some bulbs so that in springtime there are flowers. Our neighbour peeped over the fence to see what we were doing ( I am convinced he thought we were burying someone in the garden!!). He tells us that radish grows really well at this time of the year, so maybe we need to do some research and find plants that will grow now. I am hoping that she will want to plant some lovely herbs and salad greens come springtime.




Hubby has discovered a great way to plant tomatoes and so looking forward to those next summer. He takes an old soda  bottle (plastic) and cuts the bottom off. He then buys tomato seedlings and wraps the roots in some hessian cloth. He pushes the roots through the top of the soda bottle then fills it up with sand at the bottom. In case this sounds confusing the bottle and plant hang upside down and then he plants herbs in the top of the bottle. He then hangs this up. The plant grows really well upside down and becomes quite attractive – especially if they are the little cherry tomatoes. The great thing about growing tomatoes like this is that little hands (like A2’s) can’t pull off unripe tomatoes, and that worms and other bugs can’t get to your plants. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of these as season is over but I will post some after winter.


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