His Love

Today is Easter Sunday which doesn’t really affect me, as I think about Jesus everyday and what He has done for me. But today in church I did get a revelation of His love again. Often we think about Jesus dying for our sins and redeeming us  to a right relationship with God, which is truth and right, but we forget that He loves us so much – yes we know it in our heads, but when you get a revelation of how MUCH Jesus loves us, it is mind-blowing!! I always believed that if you talk about the ten commandments and how nothing we do will be good enough to come to Him, but that He died for us, and it has nothing to do with us but His righteousness, that many would get saved. Sadly I have not seen this happen. I have changed my mind about how to share the gospel. The country we now live in doesn’t have the same consciousness of sin as I knew it when growing up. People don’t necessarily see themselves as sinning and see no need to have Jesus in their lives. But everyone needs to feel loved, accepted and believed in. That is what Jesus is about. He IS love, He ACCEPTS  us unconditionally and He BELIEVES in us when others may not. When we understand that He loves us so much and that we are worthy of His love, then we can understand why He would die for us. It all begins to make sense to us and we can appreciate and love Him in return. Yes, we need to know that we do mess  up and that only through the cross are we saved, but mainly we need to know that He loves us beyond human comprehension. Some of my favourite songs at the moment are “See His Love” by Chris Tomlin and “He Loves Us” by Kim Walker.  I pray that you have a revelation of His love for you today – whether you serve Him or not, and that He would reveal Himself to You. All Jesus wants is a relationship with each of us – BECAUSE HE LOVES US!!!



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