Photograph Fun

I have had such fun over the last few weeks playing with some of my very old photos. When I got married I didn’t really have a photographer for my wedding – a family friend was going to take the photographs and unfortunately I didn’t get the desired results. But thanks to scanners and new photo editing programmes, I have been able to get my photos into the computer and edit them, crop them and change effects and lighting on them. I have done this too with other photos of mine and have been very pleased with the results. I did not have the finance to buy a fancy photo editing programme but I have used some of the free software and it has already made a difference to my photos. Here are some of the before and after photos. The editing progarmmes I have used have been a combination of Picasa 3, photoscape and picnik. I have particularly enjoyed working with picnik.


This is my before photo



This is my after photo



Editing old photos works well too – my wedding photos are 20 years old and they came out well too. They were scanned into the computer and then edited.

Before Photo


 This is my after photo – why don’t you pull out those old snaps and do some editing yourself at home? HAVE FUN!!!




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