Cupcake King and Queen

Today A2 decided that we need to bake some cupcakes – a first for him. Usually it is the girls that want to bake, but not today. I was informed that he was going to bake cupcakes and that we must have a tea party. So we got out the ingredients – or rather as close to the ingredients as we could as I didn’t have half of them in my cupboard and I am great at substituting – then I just pray that it will all turn out okay. A2 had great fun creaming the butter and sugar and I had to watch carefully that half the ingredients didn’t disappear before we got going. For some reason it amazes me that children love eating butter – eeewwww – couldn’t think of anything worse!!!  After that Z9 helped by breaking the eggs into the mixture. I was worried that we would end up with egg shells all over, but actually she did a better job than me and got no shell in at all. She has told me that she is going to be a chef one day – bring it on girl!!!


So after mixing, stirring and some tasting we put the mixture into a muffin pan. “What are we going to do to ice them”, asked Z9. “We don’t have any icing sugar.”  So to make them a bit more exciting we put a dollop of strawberry jam in the middle of each cupcake. Into the oven they went and they looked and smelled delicious when they came out. We made a pot of tea and enjoyed A2 and Z9’s cupcakes for afternoon tea. A2 was as pleased as anything to have baked such awesome cupcakes!!!


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