There were Four In The Bed….

I am trying very hard to blog – I came into my room early to climb into bed with my laptop because hubby is away tonight at a conference, and I thought I would relax and get some blogging done. Well my dream has been shattered!!! Before long M14 arrived and climbed in the other side of my bed, followed shortly by A2 who decided to stand on the end of my bed and dive onto us continually. On hearing all the commotion Z9 arrived and wedged her way in between us all. They all messed around until I lost all patience and threatened to kick them out of the bed and room. “How am I meant to blog”,  I yelled. M14 said, “Well, blog about us invading your space and annoying you”, and so I am!!! 


Even though they are messing around, I love to watch how they relate to each other. They can fight like cat and dog but they also love each other so much and that is great to see. A2 is so cute  that he can get away with almost anything and he works it to the max with his oldest sister especially. The boys love to wrestle with each other and E12 is so good with his little brother. It is like watching a movie sometimes. They will pretend to hit each other  and fall over pretending to be knocked out. M14  loves to cuddle A2,  and Z9 has taken to reading him stories at bedtime. I watch them playing together and realise that being part of a big family is such a priviledge. We always look at big families in our culture and worry about how we will provide for them, be able to educate them and give them the best because there are too many kids in the family. I realise often that happiness and contentment is not about all the things we have, but in the little things we do – loving each other and helping one another. I see the value of the older kids helping the younger ones and teaching them valuable lessons. My kids are always saying to me, “come on Mum, have another baby – we want to be the Big 5”. If I were younger, I would seriously consider having another baby as this has been the best thing I have ever done in my life ( I can hear my mother passing out at this point!!). So even though I can’t escape to write this blog and have written it amidst chaos, being surrounded by my kids (even when they drive me mad) is one of my greatest joys!!! NOW WHERE IS HUBBY!!!


2 thoughts on “There were Four In The Bed….

  1. BagBoimijug

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂


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