Photography Fun

On the weekend we went on a family picnic to a beautiful reserve that lies on a river and the beach. This place is called Wenderholme Reserve. Well the poor family had to endure my camera mad phase that I am going through at the moment. No one could breathe or move without me snapping them on my digital camera. Just wait till I have my new camera with auto focus and major zoom lens (talking by faith of course – I see it though!!) They won’t know what has hit them. I tried taking all sorts of photos yesterday – from different angles, action shots – whatever I could take of. Some of them were great and others need a bit of help!! Anyway I had fun even if no one else did. We had a great day – the kids had a good time with their second cousins and they enjoyed catching crabs, climbing trees, swimming down the river and in the sea.

Here are some of the family shots of our day – nothing nicer than being together and having fun. Beautiful weather too!! I do need to say though that half the shots in my collage are not mine but M14’s – she took some great photos on her camera and I have borrowed them (with her permission of course).




I downloaded photoscape which is a free programme and so I am having fun experimenting with it.


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