A Mother’s Love

Today is my mom’s birthday. As a mum myself, I know that often we put ourselves at the end of the line – our desires come second to those of our husbands, children and even the dog if we have one!! This is because we love our families and it comes naturally – not because we are poor martyrs and beat ourselves down constantly. I can truly appreciate my mom as I get older and journey further with my own children. Sometimes I even sound like her when I say things to my kids. Some of my kids antics are an exact pattern of things I did as a child. So Happy Birthday Mom – you are a truly amazing woman – you and Dad have raised four great kids. This is a poem/ prose and it won’t  rhyme (too late at night for that unless God inspires me) about the things Mom means to me.

                                            A Tribute To My Mom   

Mom, you are an inspiration to me – I could not be more blessed than I am to have you as a mother, a friend, a confidante and a role model. You taught me how to love God with all I am just by being who you are. You showered us with love and affection and numerous back rubs and tickles. I learned to nurture and care for my family just by being with you in the kitchen when you cooked. You were our greatest fan when it came to sporting events. You were there when I went to my first matric dance – making many dance and ball dresses for me in the years thereafter. Every important occasion I had, I was given a special outfit by you – lovingly sewn and crafted. My wedding cake made beautifully by you. You always gave all of yourself to us kids. You were there for us in hard times and when we needed you. You were my rock when I had my appendix out, when I had my children and needed help. You always protected us and showed us incredible, unconditional love. Even when we disappointed you, you never showed it or let us feel we had let you down.You have a very giving heart – you have lovingly knitted jerseys for your grandkids and sent them cards and gifts on every birthday. Even being a continent apart, we know we are loved by you. I know I don’t say it enough Mom, but I love you with everything in me and always will. I am what I am today because you are a part of my life. Happy Birthday Mom – may this year bring you joy, peace and incredible prosperity – I love You!!


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