Little Einsteins

Every mother thinks that her children are so clever and way beyond their years in intelligence etcetera. This is a good thing because none of us want to admit that our genes are deficient or that  the negatives in our kids actually come from us to a degree. The other good thing about this is that we recognise good in our kids and encourage them constantly in what they achieve in and encourage them in areas that they are working on. Being their number one fans is what parenting is all about. We need to champion them on to greater deeds – let them know that we believe in them and believe that they can achieve whatever they set their hearts and minds to. Seeing our kids accomplish things from the smallest task to the great things , should please us so much. This has been  highlighted to me again this week as I have begun my new job. I am a Teacher Aide to a child who has serious behaviour issues and who becomes angry very easily. I decided to approach this job with the mindset of a mother – loving but firm and wanting boundaries for “my child” because consistency is good for them, but always looking for the positive and lovingly helping with the problem areas. My first day was trying,  to say the least. This child was going to test my emotions, my ability to be consistent and push all boundaries to see what he could get away with. I remained calm, loving and consistent all through the day and survived my first day at work. By day two I decided on a new approach. First I would do what I do for my own kids – I would pray for him even before I got to work. I prayed that he would be calm when I came to work – That he would be peaceful and attack no children and that we would have a good day. Well the day wasn’t perfect, but I can seriously say that Prayer works. He was like a different child today – someone responsive and calm.

So this job will be a learning opportunity for me too – to see how the following can bring our kids through:

1) Praying daily for our children

2) Loving them despite their shortcomings

3) Listening to them and responding

4) Helping them to understand the consequences of their actions and the choices they can make.

5) Praising them for things well done

6) Being consistent in our treatment of them

7) Setting realistic boundaries for them.

8) Giving them opportunities

I feel that this job may actually help me to be a better parent and to work on these areas.

As I was saying we all think our kids are brilliant and I am no exception. M14 did so well in her sports day a few weeks ago – I was delighted with her. She always says she hates athletics day (mainly because she think it’s not cool anymore!!) but then her competitive edge always comes out at these events and she excels. She came first in her long jump and second in the 200m sprint. Way to go girl!! She’s not bad at High Jump either!!




A2 is also a genius in my eyes. He has taken to puzzle building and loves it – definitely has a talent for it. He is able to build 30 piece puzzles without too much help and he isn’t even 3 yet. I’m hoping this little mind will be the next rocket scientist. Actually, all my kids are fantastic – I love them all dearly and they are all so different from one another. Each of them is good at different things and that is our challenge – to stretch them and grow them to be great individuals. What better challenge could one have?


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