Snail Tales and School Wails

Well the house is very quiet again and our “family” has shrunk down to its normal size. We all managed to survive living together last week and it went very well – I didn’t even feel exhausted at the end of it which is a good thing. Well so much for being a stay at home mum – it lasted about a month and now I am off to a new job tomorrow morning. Yep, with the current economy I can’t afford to be at home. I am working a mere three hours a day so I will be here for my kids both before and after school – just my toddler who has had my undivided attention the last three years will need to be cared for for a few hours each day. I realise what a nightmare this is – waiting lists are so long at preschools and care is ridiculously expensive. I am relying on friends to help me out till the end of school term so that I can find the best solution for my little man.  I am not prepared to throw him into any centre – I know what goes on in some of them as I worked in early childcare for a few years. We have a huge centre round the corner from us, but I am not really keen on the size of the place. I think of mass germs and sickness invading my child (and I am not germ phobic!!). I also want him to love being in a place where he is seen as important and has individual attention for some of that time, not just a number. So the hunt continues. I am considering home based care where he will be in a carers home with a maximum of four other children. Anyway it’s all too much to think of right now – will wait for the school holidays ( which I don’t work – yay!!) and give it some serious consideration. In the meantime A2 is on a bug and snail craze. Hubby has taken to breeding mealworms and crickets (yes you heard me right and no, I definitely don’t have anything to do with it – except when A2 brings the bugs into the house – then I yell!!). He loves to hold the crickets and snails and talks to them – sometimes I think they wish they were dead!! There must be some truth in the little rhyme – what are little boys made of? Puppy dogs tails and snails etc. At least I know that one day he will make a fine husband to some gorgeous girl – when she shrieks that there is a bug in the house, at least he won’t be hiding behind her – he will come to the rescue!!!




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