One Man’s Junk Is Another Gal’s Treasure!!

As you know, I am a trade me junkie – I scour the auction sites looking for bargains and other interesting items. My hubby shakes his head in despair because when I get tired of items or feel like a change, I just sell them again and buy something else. We have had a number of rugs in our lounge. The latest one (a piece shown below) I won on trade me for $15.


This is a rug I love ( for now) and it is so soft. Well, most of the items in my home come from people who have given me things or from bargain finds. It is quite possible to make your home lovely by finding second hand items.

For example, this entire display cost me $42 – yes that includes the table.


I bought the table for $5 on trade me, and then painted it roughly with a test pot of paint which cost me another $5. The mirror was also from trade me – a beautiful, very heavy gilt mirror that cost me $10. The lamp cost me $6 and the beautiful large wooden candleholder was $5. The photo frames and the gorgeous jug were a gift from  friends as were the two little zigzag candles. I was given the little candle in the glass by a friend who makes candles to raise funds to get medical supplies to Zimbabwe. See her candles on Make a Plan – they are lovely!!


The little wooden African Lady came from an op shop and I paid $4 for her.  I loved the big cone tree shape – the colours are gold and bronze and silver and it has great texture. Although it was probably designed as a modern christmas tree, I display it all year as it is lovely. That cost me $8. So it really is worthwhile looking around for little things that make a difference or a statement. Even if you can’t use it immediately, if you like it and it is cheap – get it. You will be amazed how you can display things together once you have found a few items you like.


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