Eight Is Enough

I am the “mum” to eight children this week. Four of them are my own and I have my friends four kids while they are away. We are a bit like sardines in a can as our home is no mansion by any means. Anyway it is amazing how many people you can cram into a room. So far it has been fun. There are some definite bonuses to having other people’s kids. My kids have had to help a lot more around the house for us to keep things running smoothly and that has been great. The kids also had to tidy their rooms before our visitors arrived – that is a huge plus!! Thankfully our children are all similar ages and so that works really well. A2″s little friend declared the other day, ” I am coming to sleep at your house to teach you how to sleep at night”. That would have been wonderful except for the fact that I ended up getting up twice to A2 and three times to his mate who is supposed to sleep so well. Needless to say I got to sleep around about 2 am this morning. I’m not sure I was all there at work this morning!! Hopefully that pattern won’t continue for the rest of the week and little mate will settle into a good sleep routine while here – I know he sleeps well at home. Maybe it is A2’s bed!!! There must be something about it that causes children who lie on it to suddenly be overcome with WAKEFULNESS!!!  Aha! That’s it – gotta be it.

So we will see how the week goes – I have timetables and rosters of everyone’s activities and let’s hope I get everything right on the right day. Day one has gone really well – only one child has left their swimming togs and so that’s not too bad I think. How do mothers of huge families cope ? – they either need to be super organised ( which I am not), or they have super trained children like the Von Trapp children (which I don’t) or they take valium to cope ( which I don’t) . And what about the washing pile? I have a monster load of washing daily just with my bunch!! – well that clears that up – Four kids is enough for me  – looking after good friends kids now and again suits  me  fine. All kidding aside – children are a wonderful blessing and seeing our kids relate and interact with their friends is a joy. Seeing A2 share his toys without a fuss, or the older kids encouraging  and including one another makes my heart swell with pride that my kids would open their hearts, toyboxes and their rooms to bless their friends. So I truly hope our friends have a blast while they are away – they bless us so much in the way they have helped us with our kids and we appreciate all they do for us. Friendship truly is a wonderful thing.


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