Linking Arms

Team Work


I so admire a friend of mine who has set her mind to a task and is determined to see it through no matter what. Recently I wrote a blog about how I have been challenged to make a difference and how my heart for those who live in poverty and adverse circumstances has been stirred. I made a decision then that I need to put my hand to helping where I could rather than wishing I could make a difference. My friend has been raising money to send medical supplies to Zimbabwe – she has a garage full of donated medical goods but the shipping costs are horrendous. Have a look at my blogroll and check out Make a Plan – this will give you an idea of the task. I did try to upload some photos of the little hospital in Zimbabwe and a picture of all the supplies but to no avail. To see photos go to makeaplan.

Anyway I have decided to help her with raising funds for this project. This has made me aware that having a little encouragement and someone to help carry the load makes a difference for all of us. We all need to know that people believe in us, that others will link arms with us and help us  to get the job done. We’ve all heard the saying , ‘many hands make light work”. This is so true – a person can lose heart when feeling as though they are doing it all, but having someone draw alongside you gives courage, boldness to press on, fresh ideas and just someone to laugh with when the going gets tough. She has being doing an amazing job with raising funds although she wouldn’t agree – I think her tenacity and ongoing passion is commendable but it’s time to link arms and lend a helping hand. This little blog is just another way of getting people to hear about this project – go check out Make a Plan and donate if you feel compelled or buy something from the shop. Even suggestions from you as to how we can raise funds will be helpful and appreciated. We really want to see this little hospital in Zimbabwe benefitting which in turn will benefit and help numerous people living in tough times.  My challenge is this – don’t leave this page without at least offering a prayer for those in Zimbabwe or by helping in whichever way you can. We hope  many people will link arms with us to get this task done.


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