Sowing Seeds


This is not really the right time of the season for planting seeds I guess ( I may be completely wrong), but we couldn’t squash all Z9’s dreams of becoming a great gardener. She wanted to plant some seeds and she didn’t want to wait for the right season or the right time – it had to be done now. So we dutifully trudged down to the store and bought some seeds. She has now planted some corn, carrots and sunflowers and each day excitedly looks at how they are progressing. They are definitely growing and starting to look good so maybe my assumption about the season could be totally off. It is so lovely to see her excitement at something she has done and I almost see her willing them to grow. If plants love to be talked to and thrive on tender loving care then we should get a monster harvest at the end of this – she is so proud of her little garden as you can see from the photos. I guess learning takes place all the time and if we can give our kids little experiences that make them appreciate life then we can say we have imparted some valuable things to them at the end of the day. I am looking forward to the day she can proudly bring in a bunch of carrots for dinner or a vase full of sunflowers and claim that she made it happen!



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