Sleeping Beauty

The alarm went off this morning and I actually felt refreshed – that’s because I actually got some sleep last night!! My toddler is an atrocious sleeper – he usually gets up at least three times a night and comes through to my room. I then take him back to bed, often crashing on his little bed where I might or might not fall asleep till discomfort and an aching back wakes me. I then crawl back to bed where I may get a little sleep before the whole process repeats itself. Sometimes I don’t even get to take him back to bed. I may wake up with him sleeping in our bed thinking, “When did you get here?” But last night was brilliant!!! I actually woke up before him because I guess my clock is set for his disruptions – I looked across at my alarm and couldn’t believe that it was 2:30am and I hadn’t been woken once yet. I snuggled down again and drifted off to blissful and desperately needed sleep. About an hour later  he headed through my door and so back to his bed we went. I settled him down and climbed back into my own bed. Thereafter he slept through till morning when I was up and about getting ready for work. You may be surprised that I feel rested after a night like that but trust me, after getting up numerous times at night, just once was beautiful.

Before you think I am just a mum who is a pushover and hasn’t trained her child to sleep , I must confess I have tried. I have read every sleep book on the library shelves and even followed their advice to the letter but to no avail – going to bed is no problem – it is staying there through the night that is an issue. The other problem I have is that he shares a bedroom with his sister and so this complicates matters – leaving him to scream is not an option in our current living situation.  I have tried putting him in his own bed in our room so that he feels more secure but this doesn’t stop him waking either. Unfortunately when one is so sleep deprived  you don’t even always remember how you got to where you are when you wake up.

Nevertheless, I count my blessings anyway – this is just a short phase in his little life – it will come to an end. He is a happy and healthy little boy who loves his family and for that I am grateful. Fortunately I am one of those people who can instantly fall asleep after waking in almost any place, and so this has been my saving grace. One day I look forward to a complete nights rest – although I will probably wake up exhausted the next day should that ever happen.


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