I Love You more Than Rainbows



My youngest child (A2) and I have a special game that we  play just with each other. This takes place while we are in the car or doing random chores at home. He will say, ” I love you more than rainbows” and I will respond with, ” I love you more than coffee”. This goes on as I am told I am loved more than lego, Thomas the Tank engine, ice cream and lollies. He absolutely loves this game and I never get tired of playing it with him because what mum doesn’t like to be told that she is loved so much. This makes me appreciate my kids so much and to wonder whether I showed as much love to my parents when I was younger. I hardly ever see my parents as we live on different continents now, and sometimes I wish I could just say to my mum face to face, ” I love you more than rainbows”.  It also makes me think that our Father God would love us to come to Him just like a child and to pour out our love to Him with absolute genuine devotion and love. There is so much truth in saying… “Out of the mouths of babes”. We can learn so many simple truths about life from our kids. It teaches me to appreciate people around me and more importantly to tell them they are loved.





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