The other day a friend of ours sent us a dvd in the post about a church trip to India to an orphanage and various towns. As I watched the dvd I found my heart beginning to break for the millions of people there that live in such squalor and poverty. I found tears rolling down my cheeks as I watched people with leprosy, children who were abandoned because of sickness and poverty  and a people desperately seeking favour from their gods through bathing in a filthy river. But the thing that amazed me most with this dusty place was the colour that stood out and the joy that many of these people showed despite their circumstances. As I watched the team on the video praying for the sick and lame and touching the leprous and really reaching out in love, I again felt  a mixture of hope, joy and emotion. This is what life is about – God put us here to touch people – to make a difference in this world. Again I felt that my budget is huge in comparison to what those people have – we are blessed over and above a large portion of the world’s population. I have been feeling stirred in my heart over the last few months to stop living in passivity and to start doing what I can where I am. Yes we support a little filipino girl, but that is just a small start. I want to get to the end of my life and hear God say to me, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Last night I just couldn’t get to sleep. I found my mind racing through all the things I could do that would help certain projects and people. I definitely want to be effective. A friend came up to me in church yesterday morning and said she had dreamed that I was in a dusty place that was not the nation I am in now, and that she saw me feeding many children but that there was so much joy. This could really make me nervous, but God has been speaking to my heart and maybe this is the orphanage from the dvd that I saw – I would love to visit and be a part of what they were doing. In the meantime, I pray that doors will open and that I will have the courage to step through them instead of peeping through the window. 





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