Express yourself through paint

I love art – any kind and form – I appreciate beautiful buildings, paintings and sculpture. Colour is one of the most amazing things to me – that God could give us a world that is a palette filled with incredible colours is precious to me. As a result I love art in my home, however it is not always affordable. I have always believed that anyone can learn to paint or express themselves creatively if they know a few techniques and “rules” about drawing and perspective. My eldest daughter M14, always said she couldn’t draw, however after a year of art at school and some basic knowledge, she has discovered she not only loves art but is actually quite good at it. Well the good news is that anyone can do art for their own home that is affordable, fun and you don’t even have to be able to draw well either. In some ways there are no rules in art – what you like goes. The country I lived in previously did not sell stretched canvasses at the local store and canvas was very expensive, so my art was limited. Now I am able to walk into the local family store and buy ready stretched canvas at a very affordable price. The sky’s the limit!!  Over the next while I will give you some ideas on how to create art works that are fun, colourful, easy and affordable. In the meantime, enjoy some of my work that I have posted here for you to see.






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