Things I Love

Every girl has things that she loves and I am no exception. Here is a list of things I love and I am sure I will be adding to it daily.

My Family, Worshipping God, Painting, Playing the Keyboard, Baking and Cooking, Fresh Flowers


Chocolate, Coffee,  Photography, My Home, Smell of Vanilla, Exercise, Restoring old and useless things into Gems, Seeing my kids Smile, When my little boy hugs me and tells me he loves me, My husband’s affection, Friends, Mountains,  The beach, Sunsets,  The sound of a lawnmower,  Shopping at thrift store,  Antiques and collectibles, Sewing,  Reading when I have the time,  Generosity,  Kindness,  Encouragement,  Laughter, Watching movies, Music that uplifts me, Adventure,  Being Tickled,  The sound of a dove cooing, sushi, rollercoasters, good memories


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