The Father’s Eyes

I gaze in the mirror with fleshly eyes

The enemy’s voice resounds in a cry

“You’re not much to look at – a beauty you’re not

You’ll never achieve much – with what you’ve got

You’re too insecure and fear what others think

How can you make a difference

In this world that you live ?


“Look again”, comes the voice of my Father above

“Look again at yourself, but look through  My eyes

Look again and you will see – the enemy lies”

So I look at myself and say “God what do You see?

What am I like Lord? – what will I be?”


“You are an ambassador of the Most High God

Part of the Royal Priesthood – a beautiful bride

You’re radiant and fragrant to those around

You’re a jewel in a million – of you I am proud”


“I’ve moulded and made you to be someone great

Your life has a purpose, a great destiny awaits

So when you see your reflection – don’t hesitate

But thank me for what you see – I never make a mistake”.



This poem I believe was inspired – I had hardly written any poetry before this and it came to me in a matter of 15 minutes. This was to be a blessing to me in the months to come as everything I had written about was to be tested in my relationships over the following year.



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