Making My own Destiny in 2009

My New Year’s resolution has got to be that I make an effort to blog more – I realise that I sufficiently suck at blogging regularly, but hey, things can only get better right?
I am not really one to make a whole lot of resolutions as usually they don’t last very long – yes I still plan to find my abs this year, complete the chaise (which I am still looking for that elusive fabric) and do a triathlon. My latest project I am considering is to start baking cupcakes that are tasty, unique and a treat as a business venture. No more waiting for the perfect job to come along – I’m going to have to make my own destiny I think. We have had a glorious holiday this Christmas – many lazy days on the beach having picnic dinners with friends. These impromptu picnics have been such fun, although the nutritional content of our meals may have been dubious. Again I am reminded how blessed I am to have the family I do – this year is going to be a year of enjoying life to the max.

PS. It has taken me so long to move this from draft to posting it that I have actually found that elusive fabric for  my chaise – at last one thing that can be started – now I have to make the effort to do it – keep you posted.


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