TRI – Mania

This must be a first – actually posting two entries on one day – probably won’t happen again for a very long time if ever!!! We are in training again for triathlons this year. I am relieved to say that hubby has moved his ironman goal to 2010 because I was stressing that he wouldn’t be fit enough to complete this years ironman after susutaining a knee injury after half-ironman. He did it I am proud to say – completed his half ironman and really enjoyed it. We thoroughly enjoyed cheering him on. Z9 and E12 enjoyed making him a sign out of an old cardboard box we found.


The most exciting part of it all was cheering him in at the end – me being very relieved to see him in one piece. This  has motivated Z9 and E12 to enter the Weetbix Tryathlon coming up in February – so the bug has bitten. The next triathlon we will be cheering at will be for the kids.


We have had a wonderful holiday ( well the kids and dad anyway – I have had to go back to work), but many evenings have been spent at the beach enjoying swimming, eating and playing. Z9 also had her birthday and we had a little party for her – seems that she always misses out because all her friends are away in the New Year, but this year we got it right. Isn’t it amazing how little things satisfy kids – we always want to do amazing things for them but often just the little things keep them happy and feeling loved and treasured. My cake making skill on this one was scary due to a lack of time and baking utensils etc. however will post some of those yummy cupcakes when I have made them.



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