IT Reunion

Isn’t technology wonderful!! With modern day computers, email, blogs and sites like My Space and Facebook, one can literally find almost anyone in the world. This is particularly handy for someone like me who has immigrated to another country – one can still be connected to the family with just the press of a button. The latest thing to surface in my life has been the graduates from high school on facebook. Yes, we are actually having a reunion 25 years later without any of us actually  getting together. This has been such fun – seeing faces after such a long time. I must say that time has done wonders for many of us. I have to chuckle as well, because those of us who weren’t really in the “In Crowd” seem to be happily married with families and time has aged us well. I like to think that we have improved with age like a good old wine. It has also been interesting to see where everyone is living now and who has chosen to remain single. This whole “Reunion” exercise has been very inspiring to me and I can truly say I am blessed and thankful to have the amazing family that I have. I have married my best friend and every year seems to just get better. Our kids drive us nuts at times, but we love them dearly and are so proud of who they are. Sometimes I try to imagine my life if I had married one of those boys from high school that I thought were sooooo cute at the time. I shudder to think. I believe that I was protected from romantic failure by having a very shy nature and rather an insecure personality in high school – I am grateful that I did not have to deal with the peer pressures of the time. Of course at the time I thought it was the worst thing in the world not to have a boyfriend. Well hindsight makes a big difference. So I can look back at my high school mates and peers without any embarrassment about romantic disasters, situations that got out of hand etc. I look back with fond memories and look forward to the future I now have. An IT Reunion is a great idea and way of meeting up with old friends.


One thought on “IT Reunion

  1. embejo

    I don’t know why it has taken me so long to read this! But I have to agree with you. I’ve also reunited with some old school friends on facebook. It’s funny to see how everyone’s lives have turned out after all. I got it pretty good after all despite high school being rather dull, and and experience I didn’t really thrive in.


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