Ironman and Iron Deficient Woman

Oh where does the time go…. I have not been able to sit down and write anything for ages due to work pressures, sick family and sheer laziness!! Seems that whenever I set my heart on doing something, that events will unfold that will always cry out to me that I need to set aside my own agendas and take care of the needs of those around me. I guess that answers any questions about how I am progressing with my chaise project!! What chaise project??? Oh yes the one in my garage – where is my garage again ?- haven’t had time to get down there since I photographed the chaise. However all is not lost – I am still searching for that special piece of fabric for it – I have seen a couple of beautiful pieces but unfortunately they are all too small, so I keep looking. On the home front things are great – I still loathe my work hours – getting home after 6:30pm with a cranky toddler and a hungry family who greet me with, “what’s for dinner Mum?” is not really working well for us as a family. I keep telling myself that this is a short season we are in, as we re-settle, and that I can hang in there just a little longer. I feel like an iron deficient woman with minimal energy some days. One valuable thing has been my daughter’s (M14) help at home. Never mind that all the chores she’s doing is for an economics project at school.  I am grateful for the help even for awhile, and hoping that she sees the value of assisting me – she’s the best!!!

My man is on a mission – he has set his hopes on doing an ironman. I have managed to convince him to first attempt a half ironman. He loves nothing more than getting out on his bike. This has proved to be fairly difficult in our “new” city as there is much more traffic and absolutely no cycle lanes. I am preparing myself for months of loneliness as his training increases – but I definitely want him to accomplish this dream of his, so I need advice from anyone who has been down this road. This again motivates me to get out there and get fit myself and to lose those unwanted kilo’s as I don’t want him looking all buff at the end of the day and people thinking that I’m his mother!!! 

Yes, I had that deadly weigh-in and fat pinch test mentioned in a previous blog. It was as gross as I thought it would be, although the ladies doing the testing were most tactful and kind. Nothing like a wake up call to get one going – have decided not to DIET but to go back to the eating plan I followed with gestational diabetes and already I have seen a little weight come off.

Will keep you posted on how this goes and the effectiveness of my eating plan. My goal for the next  6 months is to complete a triathlon – something I have wanted to do for a long time but never had the opportunity to do, but this time I am determined. If there is going to be an ironman in this household then I am moving from iron deficient to ironman supportive in every way I can. After all, a happy and fulfilled husband makes the home a lot happier.

Ready for Le Race

Ready for Le Race


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