The Big Chaise

I have finally managed to get down to the garage to photograph a  project that I believe could be magnificent should I complete it. I managed to win an auction on my favourite auction site for this ancient old chaise lounge. Initially I lamented because I forgot the auction was closing and lost it to someone else. But a couple of days later I was offered the chaise for $10 as the previous bidder could not collect the chaise. Never one to forgo a bargain I eagerly bought it. Hubby (H) couldn’t believe I had done it -” why do we need another couch ” he asked. This is no ordinary couch – it has character!!! So off we went to fetch it. To my shock I discovered it was longer and heavier than I thought. H nearly keeled over when he first saw it. “It’s ancient” was all he could utter. But after closer inspection he was quite impressed with me – “this really looks like it is at least a 100 years old – a real antique”. Well I realised what I had got myself into – this was going to need a major renovation. Still I had only spent $10 – not bad for an antique. We couldn’t fit the chaise into the car so on the roof it had to go. What a sight we were travelling through the city – all the while me praying that we wouldn’t see any policemen and half expecting the chaise to leave the roof of the car every time we turned a corner. H commented that it looked like a coffin on the roof of our car as the chaise was covered in old weathered leather. We did get some odd glances I must say.

Now the chaise sits in my garage and is half stripped – old leather and wallpaper off – the stuffing inside needs replacing etc. I am presently scouring my favourite auction site to find the perfect upholstery fabric to cover it – very frustrating when you have a picture in mind and can’t quite get there. Well I could rush off to upholstery stores and pay a fortune for some great fabrics, but then that would defeat the object of getting a bargain so I aim to achieve excellence on a budget – I am determined to get there!!!

Beginning of renovation

Beginning of renovation


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