The Ab- solute Truth

Today I started a diet – well I shouldn’t really use the “D” word because apparently I will feel deprived and binge eat. Frankly I feel deprived anyway and don’t really feel motivated to do this thing, however circumstances have led me to this point. Firstly I am finding it hard to leap into my jeans early in the morning before I race out to work, and I don’t have the time to lie flat on the bed to zip up my pants. Secondly, I am due for a big weigh in in two weeks time. To my shock and horror I discovered that when my toddler is assessed for a gestational diabetes study, I will be weighed, prodded and have my fat measured as well – how gross is that!!! To top it all, at a ladies meeting at church the other evening, a visitor asked me when I was expecting my next baby!! Well that does it… how are you meant to respond to that – Sorry I’m just fat today. So this morning I have decided to get my eating habits under control and see what I can achieve in two weeks as a starting goal. So far I have made it to early afternoon without raiding the refrigerator, but I must admit I am feeling hungry. Makes me realise how badly I snack during the day. I read an interesting article in a slimming magazine whilst trying to motivate myself. It was titled, “Does this clutter make my butt look fat?” So thats my problem…. all these unfinished projects cluttering up my garage has made me fat – has absolutely nothing to do with minimal exercise and poor eating!!! Seriously though, there is some truth to this article and so not only am I going to endeavour to lose some of my tummy, but to actually complete some of these projects as well.

Keep looking at this space as I will soon post my first project – in the meantime pray that I lose a few pounds before weigh in time. I know I have Abs somewhere – I just have to find them!!


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