Hello world!

Hello World,

Well I guess this is it – a certain blogger friend of mine dared me to start blogging – well I never was very good at ignoring dares ( which has got me into trouble a few times  in my life) so here goes – lets hope that this project will captivate me – you see I am very good at starting projects but somehow I don’t always get around to finishing them. I have a garage full of half completed tasks which drives hubby, who is super- organised crazy!! I am rather an organic person ( as he likes to put it) which is just another way of saying that I am rather disorganised at the best of times. I have really tried to be efficient but somehow when I pack everything away neatly and orderly I never can find what I need again. This may sound like we live in chaos – not quite true – I do get to a point where messiness even drives me crazy and must be tidied up, but I like to think that my home is well lived in. It looks relatively neat on the outside – just don’t open too many cupboards as stuff might tumble out!!!

We are a family of six – I have one husband and four children ranging in ages from 14 ,12,  8 and 2. I love my children dearly although must confess that with a teenager and a toddler in the home at the same time, sometimes I don’t always like them very much!!! We are a very noisy family with hubby being the biggest culprit so peace is something I look forward to when the older kids all go off to school. I work part time at unusual times of the day (early morning and late afternoon) and must say that I am hanging in there by my fingertips –  I keep dreaming of part time work that will be fulfilling and enable me to better meet the needs of my family timewise. This  year has been a year of change for me, moving to a new city and changing direction completely in what we were involved with, and it has taken me awhile to find my feet. I guess what I am hoping for again is to find passion in some area in my life again. Keep looking at this space …. I know it will come!!!


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